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Refund Policy

Kenoxis AV believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:

Request from the end user for the refund/cancellation are honoured only if a request is made in writing.
Kenoxis AV reserves the right to refund any order at its discretion with or without documentation under following circumstances:

  • Order is found to fraudulent.
  • Customer places duplicate order in error
  • Customer requests a refund before receiving the product.
  • Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours of placing an order. However, the cancellation request will not be entertained if the orders have been executed by the Kenoxis AV and the mail containing the Serial Code/s has been mailed to you.
  • In case of cancellation of order, money will be refunded to you after deducting the necessary transaction charges.
  • No cash refunds will be made to the customer under any circumstances. The amount will be transferred to the customer’s account from where the payment has been made.