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Kenoxis Mobile Antivirus

manual scanning of internal memory and a memory card in order to detect malware and other threats; scheduled scans – users have the opportunity to schedule a virus scan at any comfortable time; auto-checking of new apps immediately after installation - this function provides real-time protection, and the user doesn’t need to scan the device every time after install a new program on your devices.

Optimizer - helps to clean up space for personal data (photo, video, documents) by deleting junk files and caches of applications.

Optimizer uses a number of additional rules for deleting advertising and other unimportant information. This module allows to do some operations:

  • delete unnecessary files
  • delete temporary files
  • delete cache's files – type of phone’s memory, which responsible for data transportation to processor
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-fishing
  • Anti-spam
  • Firewall
  • PC Optimizer
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real time support
  • High performance

Speedup - will help you if your smartphone works slowly or your battery loses its charge quicker than it has to.

The module will unload applications from the memory and increase mobile phone performance to prolong battery life..


System File Checker in real time, which is designed to detect viruses and other malicious programs that try to penetrate the PC; Mail-filter - Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing email messages for malicious objects, thus avoiding possible threats of infiltration in the system by means of e-mail.

Function of self-defense

It eliminates the possibility of disabling the protection of your PC as a result of the forced stop using the "Task Manager". This feature is implemented as a response to modern Trojans that are able to get administrative rights on the infected PC and block the work of installed programs, including non-modern antiviruses.


The automatic operative mode. For users who do not have certain knowledge and skills to work with a firewall and its settings, has been implemented the automatic operative mode. In this mode, for applications that require for their work access to the network, automatically created rules that allow only outgoing traffic.

PC Optimizer

Optimizer is a tool that speeds up your PC. The software module allows to find unnecessary files and programs that overload operating system, and to remove them.

Web filter

Block of potentially dangerous content from suspicious sites. Some sites are added to the base of Zillya! Internet Security as suspicious, or sites that have malicious content.

Mail Filter

Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing email messages for malicious objects, thus avoiding possible threats of infiltration in the system by means of e-mail.


Anti-fishing allows to avoid sites that have phishing activity, steal user data and are used by cybercriminals for illegal enrichment.


The modules are built on the principle of proactive technologies. They allow to set up a "black list" of e-mail addresses and websites that have been seen in spam mailings and phishing activity.

USB Protection

Security module of USB-drives controls the connection of any drive to the USB-ports. Preliminary analysis with following informing of user reliably protects the computer from automatically downloaded objects on disks.

Behavioral analyzer

This unique technology is the most advanced solution, which is implemented in the world's anti-virus industry. The essence of its work is scanning and analysis of programs, to determine likelihood of malicious behavior. If HIPS eoul notive that some program performs actions that could potentially harm your PC, it will be blocked even before its launch.

File Shredder

The way of operation of programs-shredders is that the file that is planned to be removed, is subjected to multi wipe-off. In fact, it is filled with meaningless information garbage (random numbers, characters, symbols etc.), which completely distorts its contents, without the restoration possibility. After this, it is removed from the hard drive.